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Driven by passion

Our people are one of our strongest assets, driven by passion and a commitment towards realizing their true potential. Our passion for excellence translates into a desire to harness that potential by developing your skills and expertise to the highest levels. When passion meets passion, excellence in craftsmanship and performance is born.

Driving this passion are our three dynamic growth avenues of Collaboration, Technical Resilience and Career Longevity.

Collaboration at Cycle & Carriage spans across generations and management levels, in which each individual is embraced as a valued business partner and each individual’s potential is maximized through appropriate development opportunities. In a shared commitment towards excellence, we see only equals. Regardless of department, function or demographics, colleagues at Cycle & Carriage work together readily as a cohesive unit to shape the company’s success.

A passion for technical excellence is met by investing in a pipeline of expertise to meet present and future needs. This entails strengthening the capability of staff at all levels, from technical skills to management and leadership development.

Keeping us grounded in our vision are our underpinning values of Care, Excellence, Respect and Teamwork. This has created a work environment that revolves around the abilities and well-being of our employees. This unique company culture has inspired many a fulfilling career with Cycle & Carriage.

When our employees are so driven by passion, it is our duty to ensure that this passion is fed by ensuring continued growth and job satisfaction. There is no limit to how far you can go when you have a career path created for you to enjoy career longevity and high levels of personal growth, achievement and satisfaction.

Just ask our many colleagues who are enjoying long-standing and successful careers with us.

Our People
Everyone is an expert in their field, driving success for the organization. Meet our people.